『 Piano / Drums /Base 』 Negroni's Trio 0:38:32

0:38:32 Usen C50 2005年07月18日2枚目 『 Piano / Drums /Base 』
1 Los Duendes(11分31秒)
2 Waiting For You(03分55秒)
3 Mavi(04分29秒)
4 Summertime(05分02秒)
5 Sentimantal Mood(05分03秒)
6 Bougainvllea(03分53秒)
7 On Time(04分39秒)

Negroni's Trio CD Release Thursday, September, 30th Van Dykes Cafe (Upstairs)
Posted: 2004-09-14

Artist: Negroni?s Trio
Title: piano / drums / bass
Label: Universal Music Latino (63080)

Negroni's Trio CD Release - PIANO / DRUMS / BASS

Thursday, September, 30th 2004

Van Dykes Cafe (Upstairs)
846 Lincoln Road
Miami Beach, FL 33139

TIME: Performance starts @ 9:00PM !

The newest release by Negroni's Trio, piano / drums / bass, is further evidence of the tremendous talent the bandleader-pianist-composer Jose Negroni first demonstrated on Naturaleza/Nature, his debut disc for Universal Music Latino. The virtuoso pianist integrates his incredible technical facility at the keyboard with the extraordinary percussion skills of his drummer son Nomar Negroni and the exciting modern electric and acoustic bass work of Jaime Rivera to bring together the various influences from his diverse background in Jazz, Afro-Caribbean, Classical and Popular music to create a sound that is both exciting, intelligent, and immediately identifiable as all his own.